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Community Organizations Active in Disasters (2014)

The Community Organizations Active in Disasters (COAD) established COADs in Western Massachusetts. Two COADs were formed, one in Pioneer Valley covering Hampden, Hampshire & Franklin Counties and the other in Berkshire County. A COAD Emergency Operations Plan was developed. The project is ongoing. Click here for more information.

Reference: COAD, Community Organizations Active in Disasters

Joint Hazard Assessment Team Equipment (2014)

The Joint Hazard Assessment Team (JHAT) is a specialized unit of the Hazard Material Response Team. JHAT provides Hazmat response support to the Massachusetts State Police Explosive Device Response Team. Four members of the western Mass Hazmat Teams serve on the JHAT. WRHSAC purchased tactical body armor for the four western Mass members of the teams.  This project was completed July 2014.

Reference: Tactical Body Armor

Northwest Massachusetts Incident Management Team Equipment (2014)

The Northwest Massachusetts Incident Management Team (NWMIMT) provides incident management mutual aid throughout western Massachusetts and beyond if needed. The team often responds to incidents of long duration. WRHSAC supports the team with funding for training and recently provided equipment to enhance the capabilities of the Field Communication Unit used by the team. Equipment included a SmartBoard, 12 channel recorder, upgraded radios, a vehicle awning, incident tent with sides and field desk and chairs. This project was completed July 2014.

Reference: Northwest Massachusetts Incident Management Team

Hampshire Hills 800 Interoperability (2014)

WRHSAC is assisting the thirteen municipal police departments in the Hampshire Hills region to transition from the antiquated VHF system they have been using to the Massachusetts Trunked Digital 800 MHz system. WRHSAC is providing mobile radios for patrol vehicles, portable radios for personnel, and digital vehicular repeaters which repeat the radio signal received at the car and re-transmit it out. This is particular useful to ensure coverage to the portable radios. This upgrade is enhancing communication coverage, improving system reliability and enhancing safety of both the public and police personnel. This project is ongoing going, with 9 of the 13 department outfitted to date – December 2015.


Reference: Hampshire Hills 800, Public Safety Communications

Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office Mobile Command Unit (2014)

WRHSAC provided funds for the internal setup and electrical wiring of the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office Mobile Command Unit. This Unit is a regional resource and can respond throughout Berkshire County and the Commonwealth if needed. The unit has been built from funding provided by WRHSAC, the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office and the Berkshire County District Attorney’s Office. This project was completed in spring 2014. In 2016, WRHSAC continued support of this regional resources with funds to purchase a pneumatic tower, digital camera, and digital video recorder.

Reference: Mobile Command Unit

Berkshire County 385 Communications (2014)

Through this project, WRHSAC provided enhancements to equipment on the Berkshire County’s Hospital/EMS Communication frequency 155.385. Enhancements included new antennas and base units at Fairview and Berkshire Medical Center Hospitals and at North Adams Ambulance. This project was completed in June 2014.

DPW GPS Units (2014)

WRHSAC purchased handheld GPS units for each Department of Public Works in the 101 towns of western Massachusetts. The units were distributed at trainings, where DPW personnel learned to use the units and apply their functionality to everyday work. GPS units can be used to document culverts, hydrants, measure debris and other items.

Reference: GPS, Handheld GPS

Technical Rescue Team Equipment (2014)

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council has been instrumental in the development of the Western Massachusetts Technical Rescue Team and continue to provide support with funding for equipment and training. WRHSAC has purchased three trailers and technical rescue equipment for the team. The support continues with the most recent purchase of equipment needed to conduct trench rescues and confined space rescues. This project is ongoing

Reference: Technical Rescue Team

Multi-Agency Coordination Center Project (2014)

This project is establishing Regional Multi-Agency Coordination Centers (MACC) throughout western Massachusetts. This is a multi-phased project. This project has created a local EOC Concept of Operations and a Regional EOC Concept of Operations. The second phase of the project established a MACC in North Berkshire County. A MACC Concept of Operations has been established. Standard Operating Guide were developed and include Joint Information System guidelines. This project is ongoing. Phase III, completed in July 2016, brought the project to Franklin County. 2016/2017 will see the project rolled out in Hampden County.

Reference: Emergency Operations Center, MACC, Multi-agency Coordination Center, REOC

CMED Communication System Enhancements (2014)

This project improved coverage of the CMED system throughout the Pioneer Valley region with a specific focus to the eastern and western edges of the system in Hampden and Hampshire County. New antennas and base stations were placed at four hospitals. A MED9 Tactical interoperable communication channel was added and can be used along the Interstate 91 corridor in Hampden & Hampshire counties. This project was completed in September 2014.

Reference: CMED, Interoperability, Public Safety Communications, western Massachusetts