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Family Reunification Template Training Modules

The training modules below will assist agencies in building their own Family Reunification Plan following Emergency Incidents utilizing WRHSAC’s Family Reunification Plan Template

After completing the modules, you will:

  • Understand why family reunification planning is important
  • Understand key components of family reunification and best practices
  • Know how to put together a planning group and fill in the blanks
  • Understand how to use the template
  • Be able to modify and implement the template
  • Have a basic understanding of ICS in a reunification event
  • Be able to operate a reunification event successfully


Online Training Modules:

  1. Module One – Structure and Goals of Training
    This module provides an overview of the training structure
    Module Two – What is Family Reunification and Who Should Plan For It? 
    This module will help you define family reunification, understand the benefits of pre-event planning, and understand what types of organizations should plan for reunification
  2. Module Three – Introduction to WRHSAC Family Reunification Plan Template
    This module covers the purpose, scope and assumptions of the plan template, as well as key plan development steps
  3. Module Four – Plan Activation 
    This module will cover the steps to activating the family reunification plan, including authority, mobilizing staff, and setting up the Family Reunification Center
  4. Module Five – Operations
    This module will help you understand each step to successfully conducting a family reunification event, including messaging, registration, and working with partner agencies
  5. Module Six – Demobilization 
    This module will guide you through the process of assessing the need to demobilize a Family Reunification Center and walk you through each step of conducting demobilization

How to Use the Modules:

Simply click on the module link above and you will be taken to the training. Each module is stand-alone; the page will close when you have completed the module. Return to this page to access the next module. Please note there is no audio with the training.