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Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear and Explosive

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council has supported projects that aim to protect personnel and the community from hazardous materials. These hazardous materials can include agents that are chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, or (high yield) explosive in nature.

Regional Bomb Squad Equipment 

Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council awarded fund to the Springfield Fire Department Bomb Squad to upgrade their equipment. Enhancements include new bomb suits, robot upgrades, digital imaging software, and on-scene communication devices. The Springfield Bomb Squad responds regionally throughout Western Massachusetts.

Region 4 & 5 Hazardous Materials Response Teams Equipment Enhancements

Through this project the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council provided funds for equipment additions and upgrades to the Region 4 & 5 Hazardous Materials Response Teams in Western Massachusetts. The equipment will improve detection capabilities and responder protection equipment. Purchases include the Area Rae Rapid Deployment kit which provides for quick assessment of chemical and radiological threats.

Mobile Foam Attack Trailers and Foam Cache

The WRHSAC purchased four mobile attack foam trailers, one for each county. These special trailers each hold and pump 500 gallons of foam specifically formulated to attack ethanol fuel based fires. They respond via mutual aid to fuel fires in the region. WRHSAC also established a foam cache to resupply expended foam within a 24-hour period. This cache was secured through a certified vendor. The cache is resupplied through the insurance reimbursement received by the hosting fire department for the expended foam. Since this reimbursement process can be time consuming, the foam cache will allow immediate resupply and keep the trailers in ready response. To learn how to access the trailer for mutual aid, please see the Resource Guide.

Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing

WRHSAC provided funds to send 30 public safety personnel from the disciplines of fire, police and EMS to the Energetic Materials Research and Testing Facilities in New Mexico to complete the Train the Trainer Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing Training. These personnel are now able to provide an in depth summary class of the course to other responders in the region. Click here to learn more about requesting a trainer for your department.

Berkshire County Special Response Team Equipment

The Berkshire County Special Response Team (BCSRT) is SWAT type team that responds throughout Berkshire County and beyond. The team is based in the Pittsfield Police Department but its members come from law enforcement agencies throughout Berkshire County. WRHSAC has been actively providing funding to upgrade BCSRT equipment over the last two years. The equipment includes: a Bearcat, a fully armored tactical response vehicle; ballistic shields; personal protective masks; night vision monoculars and full tactical body armor.