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Emergency Preparedness Planning in a Pandemic Workshop Toolkit

The Western Region Homeland Security Councils’ “Preparedness in a Pandemic” planning considerations workshop kit is adapted from operational guidance developed by both the Federal Emergency Management Agency and Massachusetts Emergency Management Agency.

Designed to aid planners and emergency managers to assess all-hazard plans in light of the additional stressors and limits at play due to COVID-19, the Preparedness in Pandemic kit contains a planning considerations checklist that addresses the preparedness, response, and recovery phases of an additional emergency during the pandemic, a PowerPoint slide deck, and a Facilitator’s Guide.

Workshop Toolkit Downloads*

*all the downloads are PDF format. If you’d like a Word format of the Checklist or Facilitor’s Guide, or the PowerPoint version of the slides, please contact Raine Brown, Homeland Security Program Manager.

This video will walk you through how to utilize the workshop kit.