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Franklin County Citizen Corp Equipment Container (2015)

WRHSAC provided funds to the Franklin County Citizen Corp CERT to purchase a steel storage container to safely and securely store their mass care/emergency sheltering supplies. The Franklin County Sheriff’s Office has provided space for the container. Access to the equipment is through the Franklin County CERT.

Reference: Franklin County Citizen Corp, Storage container

Simunition Safety Equipment (2015)

WRHSAC continued it support of the Berkshire County Special Response Team by providing protective equipment to be used during training with simunition (simulated ammunition). The equipment included googles, face shields and helmets.

Reference: Berkshire County Special Response Team, simunitions

Portable X-ray Machines and Metal Detectors (2015)

WRHSAC has placed a portable x-ray machine and a portable metal detector at the Sheriff Office in each county. The equipment can be used at planned and unplanned events to support security efforts. Information about borrowing the equipment can be found in the resource guide.

Reference: Portable Metal Detector, Portable X-ray Machine

Mobile generators (2014)

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council (WRHSAC) has purchased four (4) 30Kw mobile generators that are available to municipalities and first responders on a first come, first served basis. The generators are located in North Adams, Greenfield, Holyoke and Westfield. Go to the resource guide to learn how to borrow the generators.

Reference: Mobile generators, Portable generators

Basic Communications and Interoperability Video Series (2014)

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council’s Basic Communications and Interoperability Video provides western Massachusetts first responders an overview of public safety communications systems and assets in use throughout the region and the Commonwealth. The series provides a foundational understanding of radio communications. A set of twelve videos completes the series.

Reference: Basic communcations videos

Public / Project Outreach (2014)

A public outreach campaign to raise awareness of the work of the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council and resources that are available. Videos to highlight projects and resources were developed. WRHSAC attended association and departmental meeting to share information. This project was completed in July 2015.

Reference: Public Outreach

Cell Boosters (2014)

Cell signal boosters were placed in mobile communication units throughout the region. The units include Field Communication Units 40 and 50; the Berkshire County Sheriff Office’s Mobile Command Unit, the Pittsfield Police Department Mobile Command Unit, and the Department of Fire Service Incident Response Unit. This project was completed in July 2014.

Reference: Cell signal boosters, Public Safety Communications

Western Massachusetts Regional Interoperability Committee (2014)

Through the Western Massachusetts Regional Interoperability Committee (WMRIC) project, WRHSAC established bylaws, governance, mission statement, goals, and membership for the structure of its interoperability subcommittee. This new structure ensures that all public safety interoperability communications systems in western Massachusetts have a seat at the table. It also fosters the involvement of multiple disciplines. This project was completed in August 2014. The WMRIC bylaws and name were official adopted by the WRHSAC interoperability subcommittee in October 2014.

Reference: Western Massachusetts Regional Interoperability Committee, WMRIC

Shelter Plan Online Training (2014)

This E-training was designed to provide learners with knowledge about how to carry out their assigned responsibilities in a shelter. The training builds on the shelter management aids already developed by WRHSAC including Regional Shelter Plans, Regional Standard Operating Guide, Job Action Sheets as well as and many other guidance documents. The training also contains all of the forms necessary to carry out shelter operations under the National Incident Management System. Click here for the training modules and more information.

Reference: Online Shelter Training, Shelter Planning, training

Faith Community Partnering for Emergency Preparedness Emergency Rest Centers (2014)

Through this project the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council outreached to members of the Faith Community and Emergency Management Directors to establish Emergency Rest Centers (ERC). ERC provide temporary sheltering, food, heating or cooling, information during day hours. ERC do not provide overnight sheltering. ERC are often established in response to a disaster, extreme heat or cold, or during extended power outages. This project has created an ERC guide, checklist and other tools to assist with establishing and running an ERC.  Click here to learn more.

Reference: Emergency Rest Center, ERC