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First Responder Training

The WRHSAC provides funding for first responder training. These funds allow emergency personnel access to nationally certified, professional level trainings that would otherwise be inaccessible due to department and municipality budget circumstances. Examples of some recent and ongoing training efforts include:

  • Northwestern Massachusetts Incident Management Team (NWMIMT) Training – The NWMIMT is building capacity to be a level III, nationally certified Incident Response Team. The WRHSAC has provided funding which has allowed them to reach Level II certification. The team has been deployed throughout the region to recent disasters including June 1, 2011 tornados, Tropical Storm Irene, and the October 2011 snow storm.
  • Regional Incident Response to Terrorist Bombing Training for First Responders – This training provides chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosive (CBRNE) awareness and performance level response training for all first responder personnel, particularly awareness of bombs and other incendiary devices.
  • Tech Rescue Training & Team Development – Through a series of trainings, the WRHSAC is supporting the development of a nationally certified level Technical Rescue Team for western Massachusetts. Trainings in rope rescue, confined spaces, and structural collapse will be provided. The team will be able to respond to rescue incidents in the region and throughout the Commonwealth.