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Whole Community Preparedness Summit

The Whole Community Preparedness Summit is geared toward Western Massachusetts Emergency Management Directors/Planners and Incident Managers/Commanders from any first responder discipline. At this summit you will gain an understanding of the following:

  • Why meeting the needs of the whole community is not only a best practice, but also required by law. A review of both Massachusetts and Federal statutory requirements will be provided.
  • How to plan for the whole community: A local Emergency Management Director (EMD) will discuss how the Community Emergency Management Plan (CEMP) Individuals Requiring Additional Assistance (IRAA) Annex can help.
  • How to write or implement MOUs with agencies/organizations providing shelter management services and services to IRAA populations and why MOUs are important.
  • How identify an individual within the community that could serve as IRAA spokesperson within the incident command structure.
  • What training opportunities and other resources are available from the State, local private sector entities, as well as educational institutions within the region.

By the time you leave this event your CEMP Annex should be almost completed! More information and registration is available here.