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DPW Global Postioning Training

WRHSAC is hosting Global Positioning (GPS)  device trainings for Departments of Public Work throughout western Massachusetts. The trainings will be held in the months of October and November on the following dates:

Wednesday, October 16 in Lanesborough, Ma (registration)

Wednesday, October 23 in Amherst, Ma (registration)

Wednesday,  November 6th in Deerfield, Ma (registration) and

Wednesday, November 20th in Agawam, Ma. (registration)

The training is free and each town attending will receive a free Garmin Oregon 650 handheld GPS unit. A representative from the town DPW must attend the training to receive the GPS unit.

This training is for public works and highway personnel who would like to learn how to use global positioning system (GPS) equipment in their work and especially in dealing with the aftermath of disasters, which create problems–debris piles, failed sewers, etc.–that need to be documented in order to mitigate future issues and to receive reimbursement from disaster funds.  Additionally, there will be a short seminar explaining ACAMS (Automated Critical Assessment Management System) and how the system can be used to track infrastructure that is damaged repetitively and severely in an effort to collect information in a manner that is consistent and recognized by FEMA, which should simplify the reimbursement process and increase recoupable funds by local communities that have sustained damage following declared storm events.