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Virtual Event - Webinar

The United States Small Business Administration will be hosting a webinar on how small
businesses can train their employees for emergency preparedness. Without question,
most businesses will admit their most important assets are their employees. However
many take little action to help their employees and families prepare for, and recover
from disasters. While data recovery and business continuity may form the backbone of a
recovery strategy, if employees don’t report to work, having your systems back on line
may prove worthless. The webinar will feature noted speaker Mr. Dan Stoneking,
Director of Private Sector at FEMA for this discussion on strategies and best practices to
help employees prepare themselves and families for a crisis. Without exaggeration, this
information could literally change the future of your company, even protecting it from
This webinar is part of an ongoing campaign by the SBA and Agility to promote
preparedness among small businesses through the PrepareMyBusiness campaign. To
learn more, please visit You can also register for the
webinar by visiting