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Warm Zone Operations and Triage Training Photo Essay

On June 28 & 29, 2017 WRHSAC conducted a Warm Zone Operations and Triage Training. The training was conducted by Emergency Response Consulting and was held at The Red Barn at Hampshire College.

This two-day training provided participants with performance level training in Warm Zone operations. The focus was on cross-discipline coordination on scene, particularly between EMS, Fire and Police. Tactical formations, communication, team integrity, and more was also included. Special focus was given to wound assessment and triage prioritization. The first day was primarily lecture format covering warm zone development, the active shooter, MCI in a hostile environment and triage dynamics. Drills and scenarios were practiced on day 2. Participating disciplines included EMS, fire, police, hospitals, schools, CERT/MRC, Northwest Massachusetts Incident Management Team and Search & Rescue.

The drills of the training are shown through this photo essay taken and produced by Public Safety Multimedia