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Webinar - Virtual Event

What would you do if a fire, flood, server malfunction or health pandemic occurred at
your office? If you had 15 minutes to evacuate, what would you take and where would
you go? How would you continue servicing your clients? Think it can’t happen to you?
Statistics show that 94% of small business owners believe a disaster could seriously
disrupt their business within the next two years. Are you prepared? Join the US Small
Business Administration and co‐sponsor of the PrepareMyBusiness Campaign, Agility
Recovery, as SBA Administrator Karen Mills and Agility president Bob Boyd present the
top 10 ways to prepare any organization for interruptions.

These straight‐forward and simple to implement steps could mean the difference
between surviving a disaster, and giving in to one. This webinar is part of an ongoing
effort by the SBA & Agility to promote preparedness among small businesses through the
PrepareMyBusiness Campaign. Learn more at Register for
the webinar at: