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Rapid Medical Response to Disturbances in Jails and Courts

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council is sponsoring Rapid Medical Response to Disturbances in Jails & Courts Training. The second session of this training¬†will be held at the Berkshire County Sheriff’s Office on January 25, 2016.

Participation is limited to 24 people, and priority will be given to Correctional Staff and Court Officers working in the four counties of western Mass.

This particular course will look at the facilities staff response to a disturbance and how to best respond to the medical emergencies that emerge from the event. This course is aimed at the Court Officers, SERT/TRT, Correctional Officers, Correctional Nurses, and their Supervisors (Sergeant, Lieutenants and Captains) that would respond to the event. In an event such as this, time is a crucial factor as well and security, and coordinating with external responding resources such as the State Police, Fire Departments and third service ambulance providers. Course participants will learn about previous cases in history, how to medically respond to the situation by treating the most severely injured and then starting the triage system to sort the injured. In most of these disturbances the injuries are going to be trauma (blunt trauma, penetrating wounds, impaled objects and hemorrhaging). This course will concentrate on treating these types of injuries and helping the provider to feel more comfortable in treating these injuries and working in the triage system.

The course will be taught by Eric Stratton of STS Consulting/Tactical EMS.

To sign up for the course please go to Go to register, fill out all the information and under comments put WCC Grant Course.