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Fire Officer Advanced Tactics and Strategies Training

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council (WRHSAC) and the Western Mass Fire Chiefs Association (WMFCA) are hosting a 3-day Fire Officer Advanced Tactics and Strategies Training Program on Monday through Wednesday, May 16 through 18, 2022 in Chicopee, MA. The program will be facilitated by Nick Martin from Combat Ready Fire Training – an instructor many fire officer may be familiar with from his presentations at the Fire Chiefs of Massachusetts annual conference. The three days of trainings are as follows:

The training is free. Lunch will be provided. You may attend either one or both of Day One and Day Two. Participation in Day One or Day Two is a prerequisite to attend Day Three.

Registration is required. Complete the form below to register. 

Day One

First Alarm Strategy and Tactics

– Monday, May 16, 8:30 am to 5:00pm

This training will focus on the decisions made by fire officers the first hours of firefighting at the most common building types. The facilitator will draw from real world experience to detail fireground proven strategies and tactics for fires in single-family dwellings, multiple-family dwellings, and commercial buildings. Tactical options for the most common fire scenarios will be reviewed. Decision making models for rapidly selecting the most appropriate engine and truck company operations will be presented. The information in this interactive program will be appropriate for both new and veteran fire officers and will facilitate better and more rapid decision making to stop a fire and save lives.

Topics include:

  • Setting up for success
  • Incident size-up
  • Modern fire behavior
  • Risk assessment
  • Strategy determination
  • Engine Company Tactics
  • Ladder Company Tactics
  • Rapid intervention operations
  • Single family dwelling fire tactics
  • Multi-family dwelling fire tactics
  • Commercial fire tactics
  • Defensive fire strategies
  • Post incident analysis and learning

Day Two

Aggressive Command supports Aggressive Firefighting

, Tuesday, May 17

Balanced incident command systems are hard to come by. Cumbersome command practices that allow a building to burn down while command is “setup” are as frustrating and problematic as the lack of any strong direction and organization.

Departments must avoid impractical command practices that slow or hamper putting the fire out but must also avoid a lack of strong command that fails to organize the incident and aggressively deploy crews to solve the problem.  This program discusses best practices incident commanders can use to maximize the capabilities of their firefighting forces.

This topic will be for chief and company officers. A strong understanding of each other’s jobs and a mutual respect are key to any incident’s success. This training will serve as a forum for chiefs and officers to discuss and learn about each other’s roles, the jobs of each within the command system and practices that make each more successful, both as individuals and as a team.

Students will be taught a methodical process that can be used to manage incidents properly and aggressively. The training includes the following components: Aggressive Command Mindset; Pre-Incident Musts for Success; and Strong Command for Strong Firefighting.

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Interactive Command Simulations

Wednesday, May 18

Students will be provided with scenarios to integrate command post and officer operations at a fire incident. Students will be able to incorporate concepts and learning from the previous days training. Simulations will range in complexity from single alarm house fire to multi-alarm fires. 

Registration for this training is closed. Thank you for your interest.