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Emerging Threats Training

First Responders are facing threats from a growing number of fronts that weren’t even in the realm of possibility just a few years ago:

  • Clandestine labs using dangerous, explosive processes, yielding highly caustic and flammable substances
  • Street drugs imported and manufactured that are highly concentrated and now may be weaponized
  • Terrorism, domestic and foreign, driven by a wide variety of ideologies
  • Bourgeoning gang culture thriving, financed by underground drug money
  • Social unrest and disruptive and violence directed at non-law enforcement public safety agencies
  • Unpredictable weather patterns creating high impact storms on a more frequent basis with long and complex recovery operations
  • Increasing frequency of attacks on soft targets
  • Mass casualty incidents where tools and techniques are intentionally used to cause loss of life and gross bodily injury of civilian gatherings
  • Applications for new technologies such as drones and robots in managing threats

The Emerging Threats to First Responders training will bring together leaders in Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, Tactical, HazMat, EOD, Technical Rescue and K-9 for a fast-paced, multimedia workshop designed to consider these hazards and the required creative multidisciplinary solutions in a way public safety professionals may not have experienced them before.

Sessions will be case-study based and offer perspectives of preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation. The sessions will present and demonstrate a wide variety of cutting-edge technology resources available to protect first responders dealing with these new every-day challenges.

Due to the sensitive nature of this training, it is open to mid-to-senior level commanders. All first responder disciplines, including fire, ems, law enforcement, EMD, public health, hospitals, communications, transit, municipal leaders are encouraged to attend.

OEMS credits are pending.

Registration for this training is full.