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Webinar: Utilization of Social Media During a Crisis

During an emergency, it’s imperative that those within your organization know how to
communicate effectively. The need to communicate has led to increasing use of Social
Media platforms during recent disasters across the globe. The most recent examples of
expanded use of Social Media during a crisis include the Joplin Tornado and Virginia
Earthquake. In each case, various social media tools were used not only to disseminate
news about the disasters, but also coordinate the response and recovery.
Join the United States Small Business Administration and co‐sponsor Agility Recovery as
we welcome a social media expert from the American Red Cross to discuss the steps and
best practices for developing your own organization’s strategy for Crisis Communications
utilizing Social Media.
This webinar is part of an ongoing campaign by the US Small Business Administration and
Agility to promote preparedness among small businesses through the
PrepareMyBusiness campaign. To learn more, please visit
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