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Regional Shelter Plan Online Training Modules

Welcome to the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council’s (WRHSAC) online emergency sheltering training tool.

This E-training was designed to provide learners with knowledge about how to carry out their assigned responsibilities in a shelter. The training builds on the shelter management aids already developed by WRHSAC including Regional Shelter Plans, Regional Standard Operating Guide, Job Action Sheets as well as and many other guidance documents. The training also contains all of the forms necessary to carry out shelter operations under the National Incident Management System.

 Included in the modules is content related to:
• shelter command structure
• reporting requirements, and
• required coordination

The training has been organized into modules for each position in the organization chart. The All Staff Training module should be taken by everyone and before specific job modules are taken. The Google Drive training is also recommended for all users especially as a way to organize documents during shelter operations.

Instructions for Use:

1. Select the name of the module you have been directed to take based on the position within the organization that you will filling upon activation. Choose from the list below of hyperlinked positions.
2. If you are filling numerous positions, take all modules that apply.
3. Insert your name as directed into each training module.
4. Print your certificate and provide it to your Supervisor.
5. You can print the documents that are embedded in the training as PDFs for ease of use. Alternatively, you can ask your Supervisor for copies.

Note: All Branch Supervisors should take every available module in their Branch. The Shelter Supervisor should take every module. (Each module should take less than 20 minutes to complete; most will take less than 10 minutes.)

Click here to download tips for challenges with browsers such as modules freezing or images not displaying correctly, etc.

This brief instruction video provides an overview of the training and how it works:

Training Modules

All Staff Training
Google Drive Training
Shelter Management/Shelter Supervisor Training

Regional Shelter Supervisor Module

Safety Officer Module
Public Information Officer (PIO) Module
Public Health Officer Module
Security Officer Module

Human Shelter Branch Manager Module

Ombudsman Module
FNSS Adviser Module
Dormitory Module
Registration Modue
Case Management Module
Medical Team Module
Behavioral Health Module

Animal Shelter Branch Manager Module

Animal Shelter Registration Team Module
Kennel Team Module

Finance Manager Module
Planning Manager Module
Logistics Manager Module*

(Service Branch)
Food Unit Module
Staffing Unit Module
Communications Unit Module
Volunteer Management Unit Module
(Support Branch)
Facilities Unit Module
Supply Unit Module
Transportation Unit Module
Donations Unit Module

*Note: Modules were not built for the Service or Support Branch Chiefs. If assigned that position, take every module in your section as well as the Shelter Manager Unit.