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Social Media and Emergency Management Training

Over the course of the next few months WRHSAC is revamping the Social Media and Emergency Management (SMEM) training project. This will be done on a module by module basis and includes information for individuals specifically targeted to the needs of the Western Massachusetts first response and emergency management community. Each module emphasizes the why and how: Why and how should first responders and emergency management professionals use these web-based communication tools?  Some of the content includes how to write a social media policy; how to set up and use a blog for an agency for use in a crisis and how to monitor and archive social networks in real time during a crisis.  The SMEM page tab State and Regional Social Media links will also be continuously updated throughout this project which provides web- based/social media communication sites for State and Regional agencies throughout Western Massachusetts. Each module will include questions to answer as well as tasks to complete, because we understand that the best way to learn these tools is to use them! We look forward to your participation every week! Here is the link to the main SMEM website.