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8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Swift River Gun Club, Belchertown, MA

Officer Down Rescue Instructor Training is a 24-hour performance level course designed to give participants the ability to teach fellow colleagues a variety of techniques, skills and tactics which can be employed to rescue oneself, another first responder or civilian in an active threat environment. Participants will learn self-aid, buddy-aid, live-fire rescue, assorted drags and carries, wound management and more. 

This training is open to police, ems and fire first responders from the four counties of western MASS (Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire & Hampden). Priority will be given to those needing to renew certification.

This training is physically demanding requiring lifting, running and the ability to work in tight spaces. Participants should self-assess their capacity to meet these demands.

The training is free and food will be provided.

The training location is the Swift River Gun Club in Belchertown, MA. Training dates are Monday through Wednesday, June 10 – 12, 2019. Attendance at all three days is required to receive a certificate.

OEMS credits will be available.

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Northampton Police Department, Northampton MA

8:00am to 4:00pm

The Western Region Homeland Security Council is funding Officer Down Rescue Train-the-Trainer Re-certification Course

The 2-day class is a re-certification course, applicable to SWAT, tactical team members, EMT’s, patrol supervisors and trainers in general who wish to OFD-I_resizedunderstand, utilize and present to others the concepts for creating highly effective extrication methods for removing other law enforcement officers, firefighters, EMT’s and civilians from situations where the likelihood of death may occur.

Course Content:

This course will be taught with the law enforcement instructor in mind. Tactics, though applicable to all law enforcement, will be presented in a format suitable for those that will leave the class and return to their respective agencies intent on teaching the same strategies and skills.

This course will examine several actual officer down incidents with a focus on what went right, what went wrong and what could have been done to improve the ability of the street officers to effect a safe rescue.
OFD IIIThe course will teach, in a hands-on manner, tactics for rescuing a downed public safety officer or civilian in a building, open area or a vehicle.

It will also show several field expedient modes of extracting downed officers such as using patrol cars and other vehicles or tools that are commonly available to patrol officers and detectives during their tour of duty.



The course will cover a review of:

  • Buddy Aid and Carry & Drag under live fire conditionsOFD IV
  • Self Aid under live fire conditions
  • Gas Mask familiarization and weapons deployment while wearing gas masks
  • Use of bandage, tourniquet and QuikClot

This is a 3 year certification course.

The course will be taught lead by SSR Traffic Safety Consulting in Easthampton, MA. Registration is required.  Click here to register and learn more about the course and instructors.

Seating is limited is on a first come first serve basis.