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NBREPC wins FEMA award

Our friends and partners of the Northern Berkshire Regional Emergency Planning Committee received an FEMA 2015 Individual and Community Preparedness Heroes Award for their regional based work. Members of the REPC went to Washington DC to receive the award.

In the nomination application for the award, NBREPC acknowledges their work with the Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council and specifically the Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) project. NBREPC is the first organization in western Mass to adopt the MACC concept. They have activated the MACC several times in North Berkshire in response to incidents in their area.

Check out the iBerkshires article for more information and some pictures.

Multi-Agency Coordination Center Phase II is complete

WRHSAC has recently completed Phase II of its Multi-Agency Coordination Center (MACC) project. This phase established a pilot regionally based MACC in Berkshire County. Follow this link to learn more and review the documents created in this phase.