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Information Sharing

Western Massachusetts Sheriffs Information Network

The Western Massachusetts Sheriff Information Network (WMSIN) was developed through funds awarded by the WRHSAC. This system allows law enforcement agencies to conduct “live” searches of the House of Correction databases of Berkshire, Franklin, Hampshire and Hampden counties. Recently this system was adopted by all the Sheriffs of the Commonwealth as the standard for database information sharing.  A new module was added to the Hampden County system which allows the Hampden County Sheriff’s Department to send inmate medical related data to hospitals, mental health providers, and other health agencies while maintaining HIPPA requirements. This information is especially useful when individuals are transitioning back into the community and seeking health related care.

Video Downlink

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council purchased three portable video downlink receivers which are housed in the Mobile Command Unit in Springfield and the Field Communication Units in Greenfield and Pittsfield. The receiver accepts video downlink from the Massachusetts State Police Airwing Helicopters or other video sources, which can provide crucial above scene information. The receivers are available for mutual aid use and can be utilized in any field-based, or building-based command setup. The units can be requested through your emergency dispatch.


Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council funded the purchase of the online reporting system created by “Coplogic.”  Coplogic can be used by the community to report incidents and submit complaints via a secure browser connection.  It can help save time reporting many non-emergency occurrences, such as traffic complaints, vandalism to a motor vehicle, or an anonymous tip.

This user friendly program is available 24/7 with the option to file a report in either English or Spanish. Coplogic online reporting is available through the websites of the police departments in the following towns:

  • Amherst
  • Belchertown
  • East Longmeadow
  • Greenfield
  • Monson
  • Northampton
  • Palmer
  • Pittsfield
  • South Hadley
  • Ware
  • Westfield
  • West Springfield.

The Amherst Police Department being the first Police Department to use Coplogic in Massachusetts has had great success with the system.  The department has received about 300 reports a year since its initiation in 2008.   Captain Jennifer Gunderson of the Amherst Police Department sees Coplogic as a great option for community members to submit complaints and for school administrators to file bullying reports.  A Massachusetts law was recently passed prohibiting bullying in Massachusetts schools. This law requires school administrative staff to report instances of bullying to the local police department. Captain Gunderson explains “There is the option for the administrative staff to report bullying online, it gets funneled directly to the juvenile officer.  I see many other police departments using this system for this reason.” Coplogic offers the first type of bullying reporting software for use in Massachusetts.

Western Massachusetts Fire Chief Association Mobile Data Terminals and GIS

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council awarded funds to the Western Massachusetts Fire Chief Association for the Mobile Data Terminals project.  The Mobile Data Terminals project has created an expansive, technology based emergency response system. The project has installed “Toughbook” laptops and geographic information mapping software into the fire departments of throughout all of Western Massachusetts, and continues to roll out more.  The laptops provide fire fighters with the ability to obtain accurate timely information about their community’s infrastructure and their emergency response plans. Another major benefit of this program is that it allows for communities to share information. The information sharing aspect of the program gives firefighters and Incident Commanders easy access to critical response data concerning any mutual aid community they are responding to.

Western Massachusetts Emergency Medical Services MDTs and Reporting Software

Funds were awarded to Western Massachusetts Emergency Medical Services (WMEMS) to purchase Mobile Data Terminals – Toughbook laptops for ambulance services in western Massachusetts. The project also provided Office of Emergency Medical Services (OEMS) compliant reporting software. MDTs were supplied to 42 ambulance service departments. OEMS now requires all ambulance run reports to be filed electronically. The MDTs and software allow EMS personnel to enter and record data while they are on a call and then to easily submit that data when the call is finished. This streamlined process greatly enhances the efficiency of the EMS reporting process.