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American Sign Language Training specifically for Law Enforcement

An easy to learn sign language class designed specifically for law enforcement. The training will prepare you to communicate with Deaf Citizen confidently and comfortably.

Training topics are geared toward law enforcement situations. A few examples of what the training will include

  • Common commands such as “Stop”, “Calm down”, “Hands where I can see them”
  • Traffic stops – license, registration, insurance, ticketing
  • Arrests – Mirandizing, processing, hand cuffing
  • Domestic disputes
  • Medical attention

Students will also learn how to work with an interpreter, how to build rapport, calming and defusing a situation and more.

The class is interactive, fun and designed for ease of learning and retention. As a training capstone activity, each student will have a one on one practice session with a Deaf instructor. For many, this will be a first Deaf Interaction, which will help to take the guess work out of interactions in the field and decrease anxiety for a law enforcement officer.

The class is two and one/half hours long. It is free. Registrations is needed to obtain the link for the class. This training is specifically for Law Enforcement. 2.5 hours OEMS credit are available. Other first responders interested in this training for their discipline should click here.

Multiple sessions are being held. Register below and choose the session you’d like to attend.

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