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Passenger Rail MCI Training

Multiple Times

The Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council and Amtrak Police Department are hosting Passenger Rail MCI Training. Through a combination of classroom and hands-on field training, participants will gain skills to respond to a passenger rail mass casualty incident. Students will become familiar with safety and mechanical aspects of Amtrak passenger rail cars, learn Amtrak […]

Initial Response Operations for NIMS Training

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

(This training has also been referred to as Operational ICS Training) This training will provide mid-to-senior level commanders with practical performance level skills enabling them to implement the Incident Command System in the field during every-day responses with confidence while maintaining direct focus on the incident. The course will focus on actions an initial response […]

Cargo Tank Emergency Response Training for First Responders

8:00 am to 5:00 pm

This two-day workshop is dedicated to the fire services and emergency responders who are called upon each year to respond to potential threats to their community or industries. One of those threats, in all likelihood, will come directly from local roads and highways in the form of a hazardous materials incident. According to the US-DOT […]


Pan Flu Planning Subcommittee Meeting

Training and Exercise Subcommittee Meeting

Western Region Homeland Security Advisory Council Meeting